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I'm back... :o)

it's the last day of my holidays, and they've been fantastic!

I went to Canberra (with lukel) to see my family, and I had a great time.

I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping now... *yay*

I've been MIA in my own journal at LJ for awhile... but I'm gonna try and be better at that in the future...

Things are going great at work, I'm getting some good testing experience working on another project, writing test scripts, which has been really cool.

When I have a bit more time I'll set up some more posting filters for various subjects... I'll let you know as things happen...

but to finish this short post I'll put in a plug for my community syn_promo (probably only useful for Paid Accounts as it's to do with the new Syndication feature)

and also some links to my public reading lists of rssfeeds.
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